Could your business benefit from better project control systems?



In order to run a successful business, it is important to know exactly how much profit you make on each of your projects. It is easy to lose track of project costs when you are subcontracting some elements of the work and doing other parts yourself. Often the invoices don’t come in until after the project is complete and you may well end up with a loss on a project that looked like it was going well a few weeks earlier. Without a proper cost management system, it is almost impossible to keep track of it all, and you may end up under-quoting the same element in many of your projects without knowing about it. Or perhaps your estimates are too high and you are not winning enough projects to keep yourself busy?


Project cost control is not only about profit and loss, it is also a tool to help you fine fine-tune your quotes and win more work.


Most project management systems come at a cost that often outweighs the benefits. Only large corporations can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on computer software. If you want the benefits of proper cost control without the price tag, Construction Admin Services can help.


While I was working as a project accountant, I helped implement a new project management system in a medium size construction company. During the implementation, I saw several problems with the system that we were installing and I know that most of these apply to other project management software as well.

- The program was not able to be customized to the desired level, which limited the accuracy and usefulness of reports it could provide

- The company was not able to modify the program themselves; they needed assistance from the program developers for every small amendment they required

- The cost of the program was beyond what many small businesses can manage

- The program developers went broke halfway through the installation, which left the company with a half-finished program and no way of completing the installation without the program developers’ assistance


After this experience I thought: “There must be a better way!” and decided to develop a project management system in Microsoft Excel. The benefits of this are many:

- The opportunity for customization is almost unlimited. With some basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel, the purchaser can modify the system themselves (or with the help of any person experienced with Excel), avoiding costly service visits from the program developer

- The costs of the system is a fraction of that of other well-known programs

- The customer retains the power as they can modify the program themselves should the installers “disappear”


The result is a project management system I call Controlfreak. It means the owner can keep close control of their projects in a cost effective and low-maintenance manner. Click Here to see screenshots of some of the tools contained in the Controlfreak package.


  Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or a full demo of the system.