Domestic Tradespeople

Is your paperwork doing your head in?


In order to run a successful business, it is important to know exactly how much profit you make on each of your projects. It is easy to lose track of project costs when you are purchasing materials from multiple suppliers and hiring labour to help you carry out the work. Often the invoices don’t come in for weeks after the purchase was made and you may not even remember what project the materials you are paying for were used for. And what about overhead costs, are they recovered through the revenue you make on your projects each year? Without a proper cost management system, it is almost impossible to keep track of it all, and you may be losing money on your projects without realising it. Or perhaps your quotes are too high and you are not getting enough work to keep yourself busy?


Project cost control is not only about profit and loss, it is also a tool to help you fine fine-tune your quotes and get more work, but most project management systems come at a cost that often outweighs the benefits. Only large corporations can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on computer software. If you want the benefits of proper cost control without the price tag, Construction Admin Services can help.


I have developed a Microsoft Excel based system that I call Controlfreak which will help you manage project costs as well as your invoicing, estimating and cash flow. I can customise this to your requirements and teach you how to use it.


Further, I can assist you with developing better time management procedures, which will help you prioritise your workload and understand which jobs are really urgent and which tasks can wait. That way you know where you stand and if you are ahead of the game, you can take the day off and spend time with your family.


I can also help you sort out all your paperwork and electronic files and create a logic filing system so that you can find what you are looking for without turning the office upside down!


Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this further.