Are you constantly arguing with your clients about variations and payments?


During my time working as a contracts administrator for a large construction company, I saw countless subcontractors lose money due to poor administration systems which resulted in:

 1.     Lack of documentation to support variation claims,

 2.     Late invoicing

 3.     Not claiming all the money they were entitled to.


Of course, these subcontractors had no idea that they were losing profit that they were entitled to, in fact they often fought very hard to have variations approved but then simply did not claim payment for them on any invoice.


Simple mistakes like that happen because in small businesses, and especially businesses run by tradesmen rather than business professionals, there are no systems in place which pick up these mistakes and brings them to the owner’s attention. Most tradesmen don’t enjoy sitting in front of a computer or doing paperwork, they want to be outside building things and as a result they often don’t take the time to set up their systems as well as they should.


It is my vision to be able to help small businesses put such systems in place.


My industry experience means that I know what your clients require in order to pay you the amount you deserve for the work you have done. I have seen countless disputes arise between large builders and subcontractors due to missing variation documentation, arguments about percentage complete, late submission of invoices resulting in late payments or contracts not returned. Without proper documentation it is very difficult for a project team within a large company to justify payment to senior management while adhering to the strict financial control systems that a large enterprise is required to have.


However, I would like to help you to turn this problem into a competitive advantage for your business by implementing cost effective procedures that will ensure that you receive every dollar that you are entitled to.


I know many small businesses are also struggling with keeping track of project costs, and they often don’t know how much profit they made on a project when it is finished. This in turn makes it hard for them to provide competitive quotes and manage cash flow. As I have mentioned earlier, project revenue can also sometimes be lost if variations or contract sum is not fully claimed or claimed at the right time.


I have developed a Microsoft Excel based system that I call Controlfreak which takes care of all of the above. I can customise this to your requirements and teach you how to use it.


I can also assist you with developing better time management procedures, which will help you to prioritise your workload and understand which jobs are really urgent and which tasks can wait.


Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this further.